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Mail Rochelongue in Cap d'Agde

The Mail traders have created this website to give you the most complete and up-to date information

about our district, before, during and after your visit.

For over 20 years ago pioneer "Mail" traders have sculpted a familiar and familial way of life to

enhance your holidays.

Whilst the port St Martin inaugurated the "Cap d'Agde" in 1970, the "Mail de Rochelongue" emerged

during the winter of 1990 linking the Grau d'Agde and its pininsular "Le Cap".

The flair of the architect Jean Michel Wilmotte provided the "Cap d'Agde" with this district reminissent

of a cruise honouring ships with its maritime architecture on the sea front facing Fort Brescou, the only

island in Languedoc Roussillon.

The first phase, completed in 1991 provided 690 private and rented homes, along an axis perpendicular to 

the Rochelongue beach, in alignment with Fort Brescou.

Evoking memories of a place of leisure, a "Mail" being an alley flanked with trees, a place for leisurely

walks. Internet didn't invent anything !!!

200 meters long and 40 meters wide, the "Mail" is the ideal location for commerce and other activities.

Its bassalt stone walkways lead to a beautiful sandy beach where you will regularly find activities for

both young and "not so young".

The "Mail de Rochelongue" comes to life at easter and is in full swing until the autumn, offering large free

parking areas and a multitude of shops and boutiques.

Between 15th June and the 15th September, you will find the Monday market, open from early morning,

often continuing till midnight.

Discover and Enjoy for generations to come The "Mail de Rochelongue"."


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